Kankakee, IL – On the first day of Spring Session, the Illinois House of Representatives passed three resolutions congratulating the extraordinary achievements by those in the 79th District.

House Resolution 723 congratulates Phil Kambic on being named one of the "Top Nonprofit Hospital and Health System CEOs to Know" by Becker's Hospital Review. Mr. Kambic, named CEO in 2006, guided Riverside to be the largest employer in Kankakee County and under his leadership, the organization received multiple Top 100 Hospital Awards. 

House Resolution 724 congratulates Bradley-Bourbonnais Community High School District 307 on being named to the College Board's Eighth Annual AP District Honor Roll. The Honor Roll recognizes districts committed to increasing access to AP courses for underrepresented students while simultaneously maintaining or increasing the percentage of students earning AP Exam scores of three or higher.

House Resolution 725 Congratulates Kankakee Community College (KCC) on receiving a Gold Rating from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE). The AASHE ranked KCC second in North America for sustainability practices.

“Our district is full of incredible people and amazing organizations accomplishing great things. It is my honor to recognize these achievements with the good wishes, and congratulations, and the support of the entire Illinois House of Representatives," Rep. Parkhurst said.

State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst (R – Kankakee) sponsored all three resolutions and will present a copy of the resolutions to the recipients.

State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst (R – Kankakee) is a co-sponsor of a resolution opposing any state taxes based on the number of miles driven. State Representative Charlie Meier (R – Okawville) filed House Resolution 766 last week in anticipation of new legislation to create these taxes.

“The people of Illinois are subject to some of the highest tax burdens in the country and now we are looking at implementing more taxes.” Rep. Parkhurst said. “This is an undue burden on already struggling families and a Vehicle Miles Traveled tax (VMT) disproportionately affects more rural communities having long commutes to work or school and I will not support it.”

HR 766 lists various proposed mileage taxes and one imposes a fee of 1.5¢ per mile driven; report miles traveled on public, non-tolled Illinois roads using GPS tracking technology in a smartphone app or a tracking device similar to the I-Pass (or EZ-Pass); and monitor the location of each driver to calculate how many miles are driven in Illinois each month. This proposal brought up privacy concerns. Another plan implemented a $450 annual fee.

The full text of the resolution can be found here.

Kankakee, IL – Last week, State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst (R – Kankakee) introduced legislation to help our state’s most vulnerable in the most extreme circumstances. House Bill 4254 comes at the request of local homeless advocates and amends the Good Samaritan Act providing non-profit organizations or their employees who open a temporary overnight shelter are not liable for civil damages except in the case of willful or wanton misconduct.

“Over the past month, our state experienced persistent extreme cold weather often staying well below freezing. Those who wish to help our vulnerable populations should be able to provide a temporary shelter in good faith without fear of lawsuits,” Rep. Parkhurst stated.

HB 4254 was introduced on January 16th and awaits committee assignment.

Click here to read the bill.

Kankakee, IL – State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst (R – Kankakee) continued the “Valentines for Veterans” program launched last year. She invites students and other interested citizens to participate in making handmade valentine greetings with well wishes to our veterans who served our country with pride.

“I started this program last year to ensure our veterans are not forgotten on any holiday. Once again, this is our chance to show our Vets the love and appreciation they deserve,” Rep. Parkhurst said. “Let’s honor them on Valentine's Day for loving our country and keeping us safe.”

All ages are invited to create a card or drawing. Valentines will be collected at Rep Parkhurst’s office at 370 E. Court Street in Kankakee by February 8th. The cards will be delivered to veterans across District 79 in time for Valentine’s Day.

Kankakee, IL – State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst (R – Kankakee) announced today the School District Library Grant Program through the Illinois State Library issued grants to school districts throughout the 79th District.

“Libraries provide overwhelming support to the education of students in our schools,” Rep. Parkhurst stated. “I am happy to see continued support for our students from the State Library.”

The School District Library Grant Program is designed to help provide more library books and materials for the students of public schools in Illinois. The state legislature authorized up to a $.75 per pupil expenditure for qualifying schools. The grant award is based on funds appropriated by the General Assembly and the official enrollment of a school District as of the previous September 30th.

“As a former public school teacher and administrator, I know our school libraries are very important in helping students learn and prepare themselves for the future,” said Illinois Secretary of State and State Librarian, Jesse White. “Illinois was the first state to implement a school district grant program for libraries, and I am pleased that we can continue to provide them with some of the financial resources they need to produce well-educated students.”

Schools in the 79th District were issued grant money totaling over $12,000 to support school district libraries. The grant monies will be processed by the Secretary of State office next week. For a list of 79th District Libraries receiving grants, please contact my office at 815-523-7779 or www.repparkhurst.com.