Rep. Parkhurst Files Legislation to Address Local TRUST Act Concerns

Kankakee, IL – State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst (R – Kankakee) this week filed legislation to clarify the Illinois TRUST Act, which was signed into law in September. The legislation, House Bill 4136, ensures local jails, such as the Jerome Combs Detention Center in Kankakee, are allowed to continue to contract with the federal government to legally detain federal inmates.

“When the TRUST Act was signed into law, many local law enforcement entities from across the state expressed their concerns with how the new law will affect their ability to contract with the federal government to detain inmates,” said Parkhurst. “With this bill, we can ensure Illinois law enforcement agencies are able to do their job to keep us safe, while providing much-needed additional revenues to local governments.”

HB 4136 was introduced on Wednesday, October 26, and awaits committee assignment for further consideration.

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Julia McDonald said...

What are the parts of this act that help build Trust between law enforcement officers and ALL members of our community that may be victims of a violent crime (or witness to)? Some members of our community have family members that are undocumented and worried about any contact with the police for fear of being detained for suspicion of immigration status. My understanding was that the initial intent of the Trust Act was to reassure those vulnerable people. To say "Don't worry, we won't detain you unless you are a criminal. And then (let's say in the case of a minor offense such as a speeding ticket), we won't detain you beyond any normal criminal proceeding."
Is this still part of the Act?