Rep. Parkhurst Statement on House Veto Override

Springfield, IL – On Thursday, the Illinois State House of Representatives voted on the veto override of the Democrat revenue and spending bills for the state budget. A permanent income tax hike from 3.75% to 4.95% is now in immediate effect. State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst (R-Kankakee) commented on her votes:

“I voted no on the veto override because this budget further burdens taxpayers with no indication the state will properly use the increased taxes and it offers no real reforms to get Illinois back on track. There is no viable plan to pay back our backlog of bills, except through more borrowing. There is no property tax relief, no structural reform to grow jobs, and no term limits. School reform through the budget is now tied to a Chicago public school pension bailout. Even with Madigan’s 32% tax hike, there will not be enough money. Eventually, we can expect the Democrats to file more bills to raise taxes and fees again to generate more revenue because their “balanced” budget is not working. The veto override means the state has a budget, but at what cost? The plan passed today is more of the same short sighted policies both investors and Illinois residents are tired of. Without fundamental changes in Illinois, there can be no confidence in the direction of our state. Residents will leave and our fiscal spiral will continue. I urge my fellow members to continue to negotiate on important issues like property tax and pension reform with the same sincerity and urgency we saw last week. There is much work left to be done.”



Cindy Walters said...

This budget was needed to keep the community college in your district functioning. I understand why you voted party lines but am very disappointed you did not think about the constituents in your own county. Education is very important and so is one of the bigger employers in Kankakee County. You need to work on what is good here and then what is good for the rest of the state.

Tina Zanco said...

Due to the state not having a budget for 2 years, Kankakee Community College had to close their child-care center, small-business development center, the campus public radio station, and several adult-education facilities. In addition eighty faculty and staff positions were lost. It's disappointing that you could not represent the constituents of Kankakee County by supporting the budget. If the budget didn't pass, Illinois' bond rating would have been down graded to junk status which would have caused further cuts and devastation to our county. It's time to think about what would benefit the area you represent, not just vote along party lines.

John Willard said...

Kate Cloonen would never have turned her back on Kankakee County Students.