2017 Survey Results Released

Kankakee, IL - Earlier this year, Representative Lindsay Parkhurst distributed a district wide survey which was mailed to the residents of Illinois' 79th District. In addition to being mailed, the survey was available on her website. Parkhurst's intent for the survey was to get a better feel for what the district expected out of their representative in Springfield.

"Thank you to everyone that took the time to answer my legislative survey," Rep. Parkhurst said. "My job as State Representative is to bring the district's interests, ideas, and concerns with me to Springfield. Armed with these answers I can better work for my constituents."

The survey consisted of 11 questions for participants to answer. The results are as follows:

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Charles Stinnett said...

Until this State funded pension mess is resolved the State will continue it's downward spiral into ever increasing debt. I do not believe there can be a balanced budget without resolving this issue.