Springfield, IL…. State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst (R-Kankakee) successfully passed a bill to close a conflict of interest loophole in state government. House Bill 2439 passed the House unanimously.

“Wherever possible we should work to eliminate conflicts of interest in government,” Rep. Parkhurst said. “Illinois is no stranger to conflicts of interest and corruption. I came down to Springfield to reform state government and address these issues.”

Under it's purview, the Capital Development Board has an Energy Code Advisory Council that decides on new and existing Illinois energy code regulations that apply to homes and other buildings. Currently, the members of the Council are able to receive State grants to teach the codes they decide upon, a clear conflict of interest. HB 2439 reforms State law to forbid this practice.
Springfield, IL…. On Wednesday the Illinois House of Representatives passed bipartisan legislation sponsored by State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst (R-Kankakee) to expand guarantees of equal pay.

“I am proud to co-sponsor this bill and other legislation to level the playing field for women in the workforce,” Rep. Parkhurst said.

In 2003, Illinois passed the Equal Pay Act, but women in Illinois still make significantly less than their male employee counterparts. House Bill 2462 adds further protections to existing law by prohibiting an employer from seeking the salary, including benefits or other compensation or salary history, of a job applicant from any current or former employer and prohibits screening job applicants based on their wage or salary history. It also requires employers to justify gender pay disparity using legitimate business reasons. 

“This legislation will help to ensure women are not paid less for doing the same job,” Rep. Parkhurst continued. “Gender should never be a factor in disparity of income.” 

House Bill 2462 passed the House on a 92-24 vote. It will be sent to the Illinois Senate for consideration.
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Rep. Parkhurst with Nicor Steel management and staff
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Rep. Parkhurst learns about the technology being utilized by Kinder Morgan
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State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst in conjunction with the Illinois Attorney General’s office, is hosting an informative identity theft seminar. Identity theft occurs when someone uses personal information such as your name, social security number, or bank account number without your knowledge to commit fraud or theft.

“The seminar will cover the who, what, how, where, and when of identity theft,” Rep. Parkhurst said. “More importantly, it will also cover the steps you can take to prevent yourself from becoming a victim and what to do if you find yourself a victim.”

People between the ages of 18-24 and those 65 and older are at the highest risk of identity theft. Illinois has one of the highest rates of identity theft and according to the experts, scammers were able to steal $16 billion from more than 15 million U.S. consumers last year.

The seminar is on Tuesday May 2nd at 10am. It will take place at the Kankakee Public Library, 201 E Merchant Street.
Kankakee, IL… State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst (R-Kankakee) is pleased to share Kankakee School District is one of just 10 statewide school districts selected to participate in the first cohort of Illinois’ Competency-Based High School Graduation Requirements Pilot Program. The legislation which created the pilot program, the Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness Act, was enacted in to law last year with the goal of spurring innovation in the way high schools prepare students for meaningful careers.
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“The Kankakee School District submitted a strong application and has already taken admirable steps towards implementing some of the policies in the program,” Rep. Parkhurst said. “This program will give them the flexibility they need to craft a curriculum for student success beyond the classroom. This is a tremendous win for the school, and of course, the students in our community.”

In competency-based learning, educators assess and advance students based on demonstrated mastery of specific skills, abilities, and knowledge, rather than on time in the classroom. Competency-based learning allows for a potentially more relevant and personalized learning experience for students, in addition to deeper integration of technology and better utilization of teacher talent.

Each school district chosen to participate in the pilot will create their own a competency-based learning system. The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) launched the pilot program and will guide Kankakee and the other pilot program districts through the planning and implementation process.